A century ago the first Poppy Appeal raised funds for veterans of The Great War. 100 years on, I’m just one in a long line of veterans who’ve been helped by this extraordinary little flower.

My name’s Sammy. I Served with the Royal Highland Fusiliers for 22 years and then, on one awful night in 2019, my family and I lost everything. Our home burned to the ground. Worst of all, our beloved dog Whisky perished in the blaze.

Poppyscotland kept us off the streets, thanks to you.
If Poppyscotland hadn’t been there I don’t know what we’d have done. They put a roof over our heads and provided an emergency grant in those difficult first few days. They’ve been at my side with counselling and support ever since. They really saved me from going down a very dark path, and I know that was only possible thanks to generous supporters like you.

100 years on, please help the support continue.
I can’t say thank you enough for helping Poppyscotland come to the aid of my family. This Remembrance, I hope you can help this amazing charity be there for the next veteran in crisis.

100 years on, please will you donate to help the Poppy be that lifeline for more veterans like me?

Thank you.
Sammy Torrance
Royal Highland Fusiliers 1986-2008