Last year. ‘Covid’ did its best to rain on our fundraising ‘parade’ but despite that, the good and generous folks of Ellon and surrounding area gave very generously and our final total was £8884.07 and given the enduring restrictions we had to bear that was a FAB-U-LOUS result.  Thank you one and ALL who contributed to the raising of that money.  We can’t rest there and ‘covid’ is still in our midst and we still have limited footfall in the public domain.  We have therefore opened a Poppy Scotland fundraising page dedicated to Ellon and surrounding areas, so that people can donate from the comfort of their homes and hopefully boost our end total once again.

Thank you for reading this appeal and please share to as many family, friends, neighbours, acquaintances as possible.  Let’s put it out there and do it for our Heroes!

Last but certainly not least, thanks in advance, to all who donate and support the Poppy Appeal


Scottish Poppy Appeal 2022