"This is a unique and thrilling way to see Glasgow's cityscape whilst fundraising for Poppy Scotland
A very important organisation that means a lot to those including Anne and Zofia, whose families have participated in World Wars, lost loved ones whilst others were physically disabled or survived to tell the tale but with hidden mental health scars.
Poppy Scotland helps not only veterans but also their families to cope with the effects of war
This is a 100ft high and 1000ft long challenge, it launches from a crane next to the stunning Glasgow Riverside Museum to cross the Clyde. Not for the feint hearted and definitely a challenge but for such a worthwhile cause. 

Both of us are up to completing this challenge from A to Z , this includes raising a minimum of £200 each for Poppy Scotland
So all support from family and friends with raising funds for Poppy Scotland and for cheering us on is appreciated
Thank you

Anne and Zofia"

Zofia Korabiowska-Smith